There are 2 ways to access Scheduling sessions through your meeting maker

  • Click on “My Meeting Maker” from the top navigation bar, or click on “See Matches” located on the second tile of your dashboard
The left will show a search filter to help narrow your results. Search by company name, person name, Favorites, Primary Function, or State.
  • The right will show your results
  • To export your results in an Excel format, click on the yellow “Export results” button located on the top right corner of your results (Please note: You can only export 100 results – if you have more than 100 results only the first 100 will download on the .csv file)
The “Opportunities” button located on each match listed as “Matched Opportunities” will show you which opportunities you match to them based on the categories you selected on your profile. Each opportunity will also have a Compatibility Score Module (CSM) which shows you on a percentage, of how good of a match you are to their requirements. The “View Sessions” button will show a list of sessions that hosts are scheduled for, and this will allow you to add that session to your schedule
When you View a host session(s) there is a series of buttons/messages you could see. The red label “Already participating”, indicates that session has already been added to your agenda. The green “Attend Session” button will allow you to add the session to your schedule