Procurement Decision Makers


A Program Decision Maker (PDM) is a person who helps determine what procurements are needed to accomplish an organization’s mission, or who manages the programs that are the most relevant to VOSBs. PDMs include acquisition staff and program managers.

* – PDMs ** – Support Staff to the PDMs
Last update: December 2, 2014
Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)
Name Title
Allison Hickey Under Secretary for Benefits
Tom Murphy Director
Dave Roesner Chief, Insurance Claims Division Acting Chief, Policyholders Services Division
Felton Jones Director
Curtis L. Coy Deputy Under Secretary
Mike Frueh Director
Reginald Gladney Assistant Director
Beth McCoy Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Field Operations
Willie Clark Director Western Area
Keith Thompson Director Southern Area
Bob Granstrom Director Central Area
Jon Skelly Deputy Director
Julie Carie Senior Executive Assistant
Danny Pummill Principal Deputy Under Secretary
Mario Quilici Contracting Officer
National Cemetery Administration (NCA)
Name Title
Thomas Muir Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA)
Tracey Boyd-Vega Director, NCA Contracting Service
Robelto Joshua Chief, NCA Contracting Service
Charles Daniels Supervisory Contracting Officer, MSN II
Veterans Health Administration (VHA) 250 people from VHA including representatives from the following offices:
VHA VISN Director or Designee
Name Title
Michael May-Smith VISN 1 Network Director
Darlene Delancey VISN 2 Interim Network Director
Mary Ann Witt VISN 2 Deputy Network Director
Mara Davis VISN 3 Deputy Network Director
Guy Richardson VISN 5 Deputy Network Director
Davila Augustin VISN 6 Deputy Network Director
Dave Whitmer VISN 8 Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Murawsky VISN 12 Network Director
Shannon Novotny VISN 16 Chief Operating Officer
Lynette Taylor VISN 18 Deputy Network Director
Larry Carrol VISN 20 Network Director
Randy Quinton VISN 22 Deputy Network Director
VISN Chief Logistics Officers or Designee
Name Title
Lisa Newell VISN 1 Chief Logistics Officer
David Evangelista VISN 2 Chief Logistics Officer
Christopher Mangieri VISN Chief 3 Logistics Officer
Jim McKinley Visn 4 Chief Logistics Officer
Wm. Chad Pritchett VISN 5 Chief Logistics Officer
Deborah Murray Acting, VISN 6 Chief Logistics Officer
Jim Gaudio VISN 7 Chief Logistics Officer
George Gipson VISN 8 Chief Logistics Officer
Ronnie Carter VISN 9 Chief Logistics Officer
Jodi Cokl VISN 10 Chief Logistics Officer
Michael Wheeler VISN 11 Chief Logistics Officer Designee
Robby Schopen VISN 12 Chief Logistics Officer
Derrek Aniconi VISN 15 Chief Logistics Officer
Carla Christian Acting, VISN 16 Chief Logistics Officer
Jack DuFon VISN 17 Chief Logistics Officer
Wayne Stiles VISN 17 Network Material Manager
Patrick Pianalto VISN 18 Chief Logistics Officer
David Silver VISN 19 Network Material Manager
John Wilson VISN 20 Chief Logistics Officer
Denise Di Giorgio VISN 21 Chief Logistics Officer
Matthew Mcclennahan VISN 21 Network Material Manager
Yolanda Brown VISN 22 Chief Logistics Officer
JR Huddleston VISN 23 Chief Logistics Officer
VISN Capital Asset Managers or Designee
Name Title
William Gavazzi VISN 1 Capital Asset Manager
Steve Bolewski VISN 2 Capital Asset Manager
Frank Napoli VISN 3 Capital Asset Manager
Joe Delanko VISN 4 Capital Asset Manager
Pedro Garcia VISN 5 Capital Asset Manager
Jevon Peterson VISN 6 Capital Asset Manager
Michael Hartley VISN 8 Capital Asset Manager
Lisa Lacey VISN 9 Capital Asset Manager
Ronald Stertzbach VISN 10 Capital Asset Manager
Meghan Meyer VISN 11 Capital Asset Manager
James Cejka VISN 12 Capital Asset Manager
Pat Landon VISN 15 Capital Asset Manager
Speyrer Gary VISN 16 Capital Asset Manager
Paul Miller VISN 17 Capital Asset Manager
Ken Eigen VISN 18 Capital Asset Manager
Anne-Marie Naficy VISN 20 Capital Asset Manager
Richard Crowe VISN 21 Deputy Capital Asset Manager
Sheila Nematollahirad VISN 22 Capital Asset Manager
Cynthia Doolittle VISN 23 Capital Asset Manager
VISN Prosthetics Representative or Designee
Name Title
Stephen Imbruno VISN 1 Prosthetics Representative
Douglas Williams VISN 2 Prosthetics Representative
Richard Diaz VISN 3 Prosthetics Representative
Doug Hillard VISN 4 Prosthetics Representative
Jim Norton VISN 5 Prosthetics Representative
Cezette Aylett VISN 6 Prosthetics Representative
John “Butch” Barnes VISN 7 Prosthetics Representative
Onunna Anyiwo VISN 8 Prosthetics Representative
Dawn Lowry VISN 9 Prosthetics Representative
Michael Floyd VISN 10 Prosthetics Representative
Michael Rilenge VISN 11 Prosthetics Representative
Jon Ohnesorge VISN 12 Prosthetics Representative
Betty Hines VISN 15 Prosthetics Representative
Russell Valerie VISN 16 Prosthetics Representative
Elizabeth Shellman Prosthetics Analyst
Lindsay Whisenhunt Prosthetics CPU
Andra Batie VISN 18 Prosthetics Representative
Dan Gnatz VISN 19 Prosthetics Representative
Scott Buttles VISN 20 Prosthetics Representative
Pamela Westbrooks VISN 22 Prosthetics Representative
Julie Rickert VISN 23 Prosthetics Representative
VISN Biomedical Representative
Name Title
Donald Morge VISN 1 Biomedical Representative
Robert Shores VISN 2 Biomedical Engineering Lead
Salvatore Gambino VISN 3 Biomedical Representative
Kimberly Sekiya VISN 4 Biomedical Representative
Anne Valliyakalayi VISN 5 Biomedical Representative
Alicia Smith-Freshwater VISN 6 Biomedical Representative
Kevin Jensen VISN 7 Biomedical Representative
Greg Fogleman VISN 8 Biomedical Representative
Brandon Weiss VISN 9 Biomedical Representative
James Witting VISN 15 Biomedical Representative
Salvador Guerrero VISN 18 Biomedical Representative
Michael Denney VISN 20 Biomedical Representative
Pamela Christian VISN 22 Biomedical Representative
VISN 7 Integrated Disability Evaluation System Program Manager
Name Title
Linda Townsend-Green IDES Program Mgr
VHA – Environmental Programs Service
Name Title
Aubrey Weekes Director, VHACO Environmental Programs Service
Vonda Broom Deputy Director, Environmental Programs Service
Christine R. Johnson Program Manager, Interior Design
Angela Huske Facility Environmental Service
Brian Tallmadge Facility Environmental Service
Stephen F. Cogliano Facility Environmental Services Manager
George Bradley Facility Environmental Services Manager
Jerry Diggs Facility Environmental Services Manager
Jeffrey Robinson Facility Environmental Services Manager
Lenwood ONeal Facility Environmental Service
Robert McFarland Facility Environmental Services Manager
Timothy Lesane Facility Environmental Services Manager
Rudy Stone Facility Environmental Services Manager
Carter Carlson Facility Environmental Services Manager
Larry Hillson Facility Environmental Services Manager
Charles Lemle Facility Environmental Services Manager
Jackie Leveille Facility Environmental Services Manager
Linda Cosey Facility Environmental Service
Kevin Stack Facility Environmental Service
John Sheets Facility Environmental Service
Angela Huske Facility Environmental Service
Connie Rath-Wade Facility Environmental Service
VHA – Facility Interior Design
Name Title
Teresa Tillman Facility Interior Designer
Julia Ramdhanas Facility Interior Designer
Ralph Bresee Facility Interior Designer
Victoria Tise Facility Interior Designer
Alice Bower Facility Interior Designer
Liz Bruce Facility Interior Designer
Calvin Clawson Facility Interior Designer
Kathryn Schmitt Facility Interior Designer
Jennifer Podpora Facility Interior Designer
Mary Tucker Facility Interior Designer
Linda Mendeloff Facility Interior Designer
Brenda Porter (Magel) Facility Interior Designer
Chrise Eddy Facility Interior Designer
Kelly Cobb Facility Interior Designer
Melisse Kuhn Facility Interior Designer
Elizabeth Taylor Facility Interior Designer
Lori Knutson-Hill Facility Interior Designer
Christopher Kessler Facility Interior Designer
Milena Dahlstedt Facility Interior Designer
Ralph Bresse Facility Interior Designer
Hisham Hebishy Facility Interior Designer
Dayna Shallis Interior Designer
VHA – Program Offices
Name Title
Lucille Beck Chief Consultant Rehabilitation & Pros. Ser – Audiology & Speech (SES)
Sharon Benedict, PhD Rehabilition and Prosthetics Services
Tammy Benefield Rehabilition and Prosthetics Services
Doug Bidelspach Rehabilition and Prosthetics Services
Joyce Edmondson Rehabilition and Prosthetics Services
Kurt Finke HTM (10NA9)
Megan Friel HTM (10NA9)
Ed Litvin Director, OCAMES (10NA5)
Mike Valentino Chief Consultant, Pharmacy Benefits Management
Bill Wenninger Rehabilitation and Prosthetics Services (10P4R)
Penny Nechanicky National Program Director for Prosthetics and Sensory Aids
VHA – Procurement and Logistics Office (PLO)
Name Title
Norb Doyle Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer
Eldred Jackson Associate Director, Procurement Operations/Acting SAO East Director
Rick Lemmon Acting Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
Warren Ector Director, Procurement Policy
Delia Adams SAO West Director
Randy Hays Deputy Director, SAO Central
Shelia Griffin Procurement Analyst
Dallas Scott Procurement Analyst
David Elizalde Deputy Chief Logistics Officer
Jonathan Miller VHA Director of Logistics Operations
Ricky Upton Lead Program Manager
Darren Purgill Program Manager – Logistics Operations
Elena Jenkins VHA Co Project Manager
Jon Beidelschies Supply Chain Education & Talent Management (SCETM)
Doris Richardson Program Manager, Surgery Program Executive Office P&LO
Stevie Dunk Acting Program Manager – Medical PMO
Rodney Hickson Project Manager – Medical PMO
Marcus Butler Project Manager – PMO Surgical/Clinical Support
William Smith Project Manager – Medical PEO
Dawneen Williams SAO West Lead Procurement Analyst
Jewell Lee SAO West Small Business Specialist
Facility Logistics Officer
Name Title
Brian Jones Facility Logistics Officer
Kathleen Dunning Facility Logistics Officer
Anthony Torggler Facility Logistics Officer
Melinda Ratliff Facility Logistics Officer
Daniel Shea Facility Logistics Officer
Martin Wiseman Facility Logistics Officer
Jancie Askew Facility Logistics Officer
Judy Olson Facility Logistics Officer
Ronnie Carter Facility Logistics Officer
Karen Williams Facility Logistics Officer
Michael Wheeler Facility Logistics Officer
Daniel Rovedo Facility Logistics Officer
Lynda Frey Facility Logistics Officer
Benigno Moreno Facility Logistics Officer
Steve Woods Facility Logistics Officer
Deeanna Bierman Facility Logistics Officer
John Hinson Facility Logistics Officer
Joseph Catrucco Facility Logistics Officer
Shawn Oglesby Facility Logistics Officer
Facility Biomedical Engineers
Name Title
Robert Shores Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Douglas Hurst Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Kristina Freismuth Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Kevin Jensen Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Jay Patterson Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Nate Cinefro Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Chris Houterman Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Brian Horne Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Mel Dumo Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Paul Canaris Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Thomas Henderson Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Michael Denney Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Edward Witzman Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Clarice Balconi-Lamica Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
Caroline Campbell Facility Chief of Biomedical Engineering
VHA Facility Engineer or Facilities Management
Name Title
Christopher Frani Facility Engineer
Michael Ong Facility Engineer
Lucia Williams Facility Engineer
Jeff Miller Facility Engineer
Jon Roberts Facility Engineer
John Klim Facility Engineer
Can Van Facility Engineer
Russel Thomason Facility Engineer
Casy George Facility Engineer
David Boggs Facility Engineer
Zachary Collins Facility Engineer
Julie Hankins Facility Engineer
Billy Kuhse Facility Engineer
Steven Elliott Facility Engineer
Noel Quailang Facility Engineer
Jeff Fryman Facility Engineer
Stan Domann Facility Engineer
VHA Small Business Liaison
Name Title
John Young VISN 1 Small Business Liaison
Stephanie French VISN 2 Small Business Liaison
John Hurban VISN 3 Small Business Liaison
Jonathan Taliani VISN 4 Small Business Liaison
Crystal Brown VISN 5 Small Business Liaison
Marvin Center VISN 6 Small Business Liaison
Janice Elaine Ellison VISN 7 Small Business Liaison
Derrick Williams VISN 8 Small Business Liaison
Barbara Cox VISN 9 Small Business Liaison
Park Sa Dewhurst VISN 10 Small Business Liaison
Shaun McColley VISN 11 Small Business Liaison
William Strobel VISN 15 Small Business Liaison
Travis Sippel VISN 16 Small Business Liaison
Marian Tudor VISN 17 Small Business Liaison
Catalina Fernandez VISN 18 Small Business Liaison
Dwane Nevins VISN 19 Small Business Liaison
Marc Frederick VISN 20 Small Business Liaison
Jeanne Chun VISN 21 Small Business Liaison
Jackie Alverson VISN 22 Small Business Liaison
Ben Seitz VISN 23 Small Business Liaison
Lerlita Garcia PCO – East Small Business Liaison
Steve Grzybowski PCA – Central Small Business Liaison
Director of Contracting
Name Title
Deborah Mattingly NCO 1 Director of Contracting
Cherie Widger-Kresge NCO 2 Director of Contracting
Yolanda Borges NCO 3 Director of Contracting
Benjamin Iachini NCO 4 Director of Contracting
Scott Sands NCO 5 Director of Contracting
Nancy Bailey NCO 6 Director of Contracting
Prudence Howard NCO 7 Director of Contracting
DJ Bleckley NCO 8 Director of Contracting
Linda Greaves NCO 9 Director of Contracting
Terry Spitzmiller NCO 10 Director of Contracting
Donald King NCO 11 Director of Contracting
Christine Hansen NCO 12 Director of Contracting
Christine Scena NCO 15 Director of Contracting
Aaron Villalpando NCO 16 Director of Contracting
Tongee Fleming NCO 17 Director of Contracting
Sabrina Smith NCO 18 Director of Contracting
Curtis Jordan NCO 19 Director of Contracting
Richard Steffey NCO 20 Deputy Director of Contracting
Sam Harbin NCO 21 Director of Contracting
Kevin Blanchard NCO 22 Director of Contracting
Daryl Berg PCO Director of Contracting
Douglas E. Leedy PCO – East Director of Contracting
Richard Dahmen PCA – Central Director of Contracting
VHA Contract Product Line Supervisors
Name Title
William Nalls Product Line Supervisor
Irma Ferro Branch Chief, NCO 2 Supply Team
Hope Freeman Product Line Supervisor – General Services and Supplies Equipment
Kathleen Johns Product Line Supervisor
Michael Koontz Construction Branch Chief (West)
William Epps Product Line Supervisor
James Wood Chief of Construction Services
Brian Maclean Contracting Supervisor Services
Jon Doliana Product Line Supervisor
Tom Moore Product Line Supervisor
Alvin Leonard Product Line Supervisor
Ricky Bond Product Line Supervisor
Koni Fritz Product Line Supervisor
Albertine Honore Product Line Supervisor
Edwin Cotto Product Line Supervisor
Doug Crowley Product Line Supervisor
David Geary Product Line Supervisor
Tom Guyer Product Line Supervisor
Javier Castro Product Line Supervisor
Rebecca Gloria Product Line Supervisor
Mike Reed Product Line Supervisor
Javier Castro Product Line Supervisor
Cassandra Dowdell Division Chief, Specialized Teams
John Yallech PCAC Product Line Supervisor
Office of Acquisition, Logistics, and Construction (OALC)
Office of Construction and Facilities Maintenance (CFM)
Name Title

Stella Fiotes (SES)

Executive Director, Office of Construction and Facilities Management

George Szwarcman

Associate Executive Director, Office of Facilities Acquisition

*Robert Capers

Director AE Construction Contracting Policy Service

*Chris Kyrgos

Supervisory Contract Specialist (National Region)

*Janice Speth

Supervisory Contract Specialist (Eastern Region)

*Katie Kuehn

Supervisory Contract Specialist (Central Region)

*Euclides Barrera

Supervisory Contract Specialist (Western Region)

*Jessica Kaplan

Director of Real Property Service (Leasing)

Alicia Steele

Procurement Analyst

Office of Acquisition and Logistics
Name Title

Jan Frye (SES)

Deputy Assistant Secretary Office of Acquisition and Logistics

Office of Policy, Systems and Oversight
Name Title

Ford Heard (SES)

Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary

VA Acquisition Academy
Name Title

Melissa Starinsky (SES)

Chancellor VA Acquisition Academy

The Office of Acquisition Operations (OAO) (Front Office)
Name Title

Phyllis Bower (SES)

Executive Director

**Dawn Peterson

Executive Assistant

**Robert Overbey

Small Business Specialist

Technology Acquisition Center (TAC)
Name Title

Michele Foster (SES)

Associate Executive Director

*Jeff Downing

Director, Operations Service

*Steven Weiner

Supervisory Computer Engineer

*David Peterson

Deputy Director Acquisition Service Austin

**Maggie Zuhowski

Price Analyst

*Rich Loeffler

Business Resource Specialist

Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC)
Name Title

*EG Primus

Deputy Associate Executive Director

*Joel Harvey

Deputy Director, Strategic Acquisition Center – Frederick

**Zachary Wilcox Senior Contracting Officer

**Regina McGregor

Small Business Program Specialist/Customer Liaison

National Acquisition Center (NAC)
Name Title
Craig Robinson (SES) Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Healthcare Acquisitions
Merl Stroder Small Business Specialist
Technical Acquisition Center (TAC)
Name Title
Lateefah Parker Contracting Officer
Sharon Fernandes Contracting Officer
Acquisition Business Services (ABS)
Name Title
Eugene Bey Senior Contracting Officer
Office of Information and Technology (OI&T) 75 people from OI&T including representatives from the following offices:
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Name Title
Jim Trinka Chief Learning Officer
Service Delivery and Engineering (SDE)
Name Title
John Frazier PDM
Wendy Owens PDM
Daniel Bloom PDM
DJ Kachman PDM
Madhavi Nookala PDM
Craig Niedermeier PDM
Dave Cheplick PDM
Patrick Armstrong PDM
Craig Castonguay PDM
Randy Padal PDM
Product Development (PD)
Name Title
Jeff Burke PDM
Samantha Cooper PDM
Mikaela Koncilja PDM
Steve Levy PDM
Brety Meyer PDM
Dan Pate PDM
Patrick Pearcy PDM
Dave Peters (SES) PDM
Jeff Podolec PDM
Don Sanders PDM
Steve Schliesman (SES) PDM
Sherry Lynne PDM
Stephen Stafford PDM
Ted Trahan PDM
Larry Weldon PDM
Office of Information Security (OIS)
Name Title
Gary Stevens Director, Office of Cyber Security
John Ellsworth PDM
Stanley Lowe Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Security
Randy Ledsome PDM
Dan Galik SES PDM
Niles Kirchoffer Deputy Director, Enterprise Network Defense
John Buck Director, Office of Privacy and Records Management
John Oswalt ADAS for Policy, Privacy, and Incident Response
Kevin Robins Associate Director, Service Design and Implementation
Jeff Spaeth Supervisor, Enterprise Network Defense
Robert Disko Director CPO
Quality Performance and Oversight (QPO)
Name Title
Tina Burnette Executive Director Enterprise Risk Management
Steve Riffel Director, IT Security & Compliance Risks
Mark Farrell CIO Action Officer
Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM)
Name Title
Surendra Thakur IT Specialist
Luwanda Jones
Kyle Boyles Director Vendor Management Office
Sonia Smith IT Specialist (Policy and Planning)
David Brook PDM
Thomas Jacobs IT Specialist (Vendor Management)
Architecture Strategy and Design (ASD)
Name Title
James Mallard PDM
Ken Parte PDM
Rodney Emery PDM
Tim McGrail Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record VCA-3 Team Lead
Renee Keenan PDM
Terri Evans PDM
Interagency Program Office (IPO)
Name Title
Brian Burns (SES) Deputy Director (SES) (DOD/VA IPO)
Office of Customer Advocate
Name Title
Jason Gray Customer Advocate for Benefits
Dale Ferraro Senior Advisor/Corporate Customer Advocate
VA Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)
Name Title
Tom Leney Executive Director OSDBU
Center for Verification and Evaluation
Name Title
Jeff Gault Acting Director, Center for Verification and Evaluation
Antione Broughton Chief, Verification Support
Terrance Moultrie Deputy Chief, Verification Support
Executive Team
Name Title
Cordell Smith Deputy Director Acquisitions
National Veterans Small Business Engagement
Name Title
Dave Thomas Program Director, NVSBE
Acquisition Support Team
Name Title
Jules Tchoujan Director, Acquisition Support Team
John Fedkenheuer Deputy Director Acquisition Support
Linda Williams Small Business Specialist, Acquisition Support Team
Troy Graves Small Business Specialist Acquisition Support Team
Tammy Proffitt Small Business Specialist Acquisition Support Team
Strategic Outreach and Communication
Name Title
Michelle Smith Acting Director, Strategic Outreach and Communication
Hollie Montgomery Commercial Partnership Program Team Lead
Lorenzo Hobbs Direct Access Program Team Lead
Name Title
Linda Sitney Deputy Director, Operations
Aurea Franklin Program Specialist, Operations
IT Systems Integration
Name Title
Ray Dockery Deputy Director, IT Systems Integration


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