Procurement Decision Makers

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As of October 29, 2014

Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)
Name Title
Allison Hickey Under Secretary for Benefits
Tom Murphy Director
Dave Roesner Chief, Insurance Claims Division
Acting Chief, Policyholders Services Division
Felton Jones Director
Curtis L. Coy Deputy Under Secretary
Rosye Cloud Acting Director
Mike Frueh Director
Reginald Gladney Assistance Director
Beth McCoy Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Field Operations
Willie Clark Director Western Area
Keith Thompson Director Southern Area
Bob Granstrom Director Central Area
Jon Skelly Deputy Director
National Cemetery Administration (NCA)
Name Title
Thomas Muir Head of the Contracting Activity (HCA)
Tracey Boyd-Vega Director, NCA Contracting Service
Robelto Joshua Chief, NCA Contracting Service
Charles Daniels Supervisory Contracting Officer, MSN II
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
250 people from VHA including representatives from the following offices:
VHA – Environmental Programs Service
Name Title
Aubrey Weekes Director, VHACO Environmental Programs Service
Vonda Broom Deputy Director, Environmental Programs Service
Christine R. Johnson Program Manager, Interior Design
Angela Huske Assistant Chief, Environmental Programs Services
Brian Tallmadge Assistant Chief, Environmental Programs Services
Stephen F. Cogliano Facility Environmental Services Manager
George Bradley Facility Environmental Services Manager
Jerry Diggs Facility Environmental Services Manager
Jeffrey Robinson Facility Environmental Services Manager
Rebecca Kelley Facility Environmental Services Manager
Lenwood ONeal Facility Environmental Services Manager
Robert McFarland Facility Environmental Services Manager
Timothy Lesane Facility Environmental Services Manager
Rudy Stone Facility Environmental Services Manager
Carter Carlson Facility Environmental Services Manager
Larry Hillson Facility Environmental Services Manager
Charles Lemle Facility Environmental Services Manager
Jackie Leveille Facility Environmental Services Manager
Linda Cosey Facility Environmental Services Manager
Tony Schwartz Facility Environmental Services Manager
VHA – Facility Interior Design
Name Title
Teresa Tillman Facility Interior Designer
Julia Ramdhanas Facility Interior Designer
Ralph Bresee Facility Interior Designer
Victoria Tise Facility Interior Designer
Alice Bower Facility Interior Designer
Linda Smith Facility Interior Designer
Sarah Goodrich Facility Interior Designer
Liz Bruce Facility Interior Designer
Calvin Clawson Facility Interior Designer
Kathryn Schmitt Facility Interior Designer
Jennifer Podpora Facility Interior Designer
Mary Tucker Facility Interior Designer
Linda Mendeloff Facility Interior Designer
Brenda Porter (Magel) Facility Interior Designer
Chrise Eddy Facility Interior Designer
Kelly Cobb Facility Interior Designer
Melisse Kuhn Facility Interior Designer
Elizabeth Taylor Facility Interior Designer
Lori Knutson-Hill Facility Interior Designer
VHA – Program Offices
Name Title
Chief Consultant, Pharmacy Benefits Management
Deputy Program Managers
Healthcare Technology
Project Managers
Program Managers
Office of Capital Asset Management Engineering and Support (CAMES)
VHA – Procurement and Logistics Office (PLO)
Name Title
Program Managers
Deputy Program Managers
Project Managers
Office of Acquisition, Logistics, and Construction (OALC)
Name Title
Construction Contracting Policy Service
Office of Construction and Facilities Maintenance (CFM)
Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC)
Technology Acquisition Center (TAC)
Office of Information and Technology (OI&T)
75 people from OI&T including representatives from the following offices:
Chief Information Officers from each VISN
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Name Title
Jim Trinka
Service Delivery and Engineering (SDE)
Product Development (PD)
Office of Information Security (OIS)
Name Title
Gary Stevens
John Ellsworth
Stanley Lowe
Randy Ledsome
Dan Galik
Niles Kirchoffer
John Buck
John Oswalt
Quality Performance and Oversight (QPO)
Name Title
Tina Burnette
Steve Riffel
Mark Farrell
Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM)
Name Title
Luwanda Jones
Kyle Boyles
Sonia Smith
David Brook
Thomas Jacobs
Architecture Strategy and Design (ASD)
Name Title
James Mallard
Ken Parte
Rodney Emery
Tim McGrail
Renee Keenan
Terri Evans
Interagency Program Office (IPO)
Office of Customer Advocate
Name Title
Jason Gray
Dale Ferraro



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